Dance Classes

Our dance academy program offers an assortment of exciting dance classes focused on getting kids grooving to a blend of styles and techniques. Our classes inspire children to learn musicality, movement, and rhythm in a fun filled atmosphere. Our outgoing instructors teach your child to express their creativity and self-awareness through the art of dance.  We offer a variety of musical composition to dancers of all skill levels and abilities. Book a dance class with us today and watch your child dance the day away!
Please see a list of class descriptions below. 
Dance/Gymnastics Combo Classes 

This class teaches gross and fine motor skills, basic coordination, listening skills, interactive play, and the basic shapes and body positions used in gymnastics and dance. This class is divided with equal time given to both gymnastics events and dance technique. 


This class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment and musicality. Students will learn positions of the feet and introductory movement vocabulary. 

Hip Hop 

This class teaches rhythm, coordination and dance sequences through age appropriate movements to fun upbeat music. 

Membership Fee 

Our annual registration fee is $40 per student or $50 per family every year on the anniversary date.


Multiple classes, sibling and military will receive a 10% discount.


Makeups are good for 6 months from the time the class in missed as long as the child is enrolled in classes. You must call the day of or day before the class you would like to makeup in. Please click here to see our schedule and give us a call or email to schedule the makeup. You may also use open gym as a makeup. 

Enrollment Options

New Members: May enroll at any time. 

Enrolled w/ Auto Pay: Re-enrolls your child each month to save their spot. Cancellation required by 20th of month prior submitted to front desk in writing. 

Enrolled w/out Auto Pay: Must re-register between the 1st and 20th of the month prior. After the 20th we open registration to new members and your spot may no longer be available. 

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