Tumble & Trampoline Classes

Performing skills on a trampoline is something that both girls and boys love to learn how to do.  Trampolining is also both a men's and women's Olympic sport!  Power Tumbling involves the use of soft, bouncy tumbling surfaces to aid in the rapid and safe learning of the same kinds of tumbling skills used in gymnastics or cheerleading.  Together, Tumbling and Trampoline is a competitive sport that is quickly becoming more popular.
If your child is already enrolled in one of our gymnastics classes, you might consider also enrolling them in a T&T class to accelerate and compliment their progress.  Our T&T classes also stand on their own for the child who wants to have fun while developing coordination, fitness and perhaps even the skills needed to advance into competition in our very successful competitive T&T team program.
T&T Beginning
Beginner 1    5-7 years of age   
Beginner 2    8-12 years of age    

This Co-ed 60 minute class teaches the following fundamental skills:

Tumbling – cartwheels, handstand rolls, backwards rolls, backbend to bridge, back handspring drills over the Boulder.

Trampoline – seat drop, dog drop, front drop, back drop, position jumps – tuck, pike & straddle, jump twists and basic drills for learning to flip forwards and backwards.

T&T Intermediate 
Intermediate 1   6-8 years of age 
Intermediate 2   9 years and up 

This Co-ed 90 minute class is more advanced and requires an evaluation or coaches invitation for placement. Skills at this level include:

Tumbling – back handsprings, round off back handsprings, multiple back hand springs and round off back handspring back flip.

Trampoline – front and back flips in tuck, pike and straight positions and with twists.  Continued development of previously learned fundamental skills is also stressed.

T&T Competitive Team 

The Level 3-5 Tumbling & Trampoline Team is an entry level competitive T&T group for both girls and boys. The kids in this group are not required to begin competing right away, however they will learn all of the skills needed to become successful competitive athletes very quickly. The Advanced T&T Team gives talented athletes the opportunity to continue progressing to increasingly higher levels of T&T competition.

Membership Fee 

Our annual registration fee is $40 per student or $50 per family every year on the anniversary date.


Makeups are good for 6 months from the time the class in missed as long as the child is enrolled in classes. You must call the day of or day before the class you would like to makeup in. Please click here to see our schedule and give us a call or email to schedule the makeup. You may also use open gym as a makeup. 

Enrollment Options

New Members: May enroll at any time. 

Enrolled w/ Auto Pay: Re-enrolls your child each month to save their spot. Cancellation required by 20th of month prior submitted to front desk in writing. 

Enrolled w/out Auto Pay: Must re-register between the 1st and 20th of the month prior. After the 20th we open registration to new members and your spot may no longer be available. 

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