Welcome to Coastal Gymnastics

It is our primary goal to use gymnastics training to motivate young people to be determined and dedicated to sport, academics and life goals. Our team commitment is to provide talented young athletes the means to begin their journey to becoming successful competitive gymnasts and achieve their fullest potential.

As we do in all of our classes, we will teach and refine basic gymnastics skills. As a part of our competitive program your child will participate in USAG sanctioned competitions. This training includes advanced strength, flexibility and conditioning training. In addition (the second goal of), our program will teach developmental skills and drills to ease in the learning of advanced skills in the gymnast's future.

Whether your child is a preschooler just learning new motor skills or an advanced athlete looking for a competitive career in gymnastics our program instructors teach to every child’s individual needs. Our brand new state of the art facility combined with our knowledgeable instructors at every level provides a winning combination.

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1281 Liberty Way Suite B

VIsta, CA 92081

Tel: (760)599-0871

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